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duminică, 6 februarie 2011

A boy called Pilaf was gay. He had a friend named Bobonel. But his friend wasn't gay at all. Pilaf loved Bobonel,though Bobonel didn't love Pilaf. Pilaf loved Bobonel so much that one night he climbed up the window and raped him. And then Atoine Dodson said that there is a rapist,so hide your kids,hide your wife and hide your husband cause they rapin' everybody'round here.
The end.

4 comentarii:

  1. pilaf and bobonel are real,people =))))

  2. =))you don't have to come and confess
    we're lookin for you
    we gonna find you
    we gonna find you
    so you can run and tell that,
    run and tell that
    run and tell that, homeboy
    home, home, homeboy

  3. Pilaf is and..FAT


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