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duminică, 12 iunie 2011

No brain for Junkies

"Doin’ crazy shit again?" Polly asked
"Actin’ like a motherfucker. I’m gonna send all those pussies back to schoolin’."
"It’s a mess here,shit hole. Smells like beer and pot. What a pitiable way to spend up your night"
"Stop bitchin’ Polly. That’s an artistic space for a big ass artist.Like me."
"That’s a stinky hole for a bloody junkie."
"Phhheah, riiiight."

Loooove.That was all in my brain. Despite the fact that I was incredibly high, I could see that look on Polly’s face. Damn, that’s a horny bitch. I don’t care if I meet a girl or a boy. The story is the same, every time. I end up in my bed, drunk as hell or high as a real Jamaican motherfucker,not knowing what the fuck happened. The idiots take advantage of me because I'm dizzy all over the way.
Yeah, like I give a damn about them. I don't even know their names.Something like Slutty McSlut or Thomas SmallBalls.
Ha ha ha. I'm so damn stoned.

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