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sâmbătă, 7 mai 2011

He's here when you heart stops beating

John and Jamie seemed to have a quite normal relationship.Lately,Jamie has been ditching Rory a lot so she could spend time exclusively with John,despite the fact that she saw him everyday.They lived together after all.One day Jamie got sick of John's disorganized appartment.

"John,this appartment is a mess!"said Jamie.
"Why are you complaining?After all,you are staying in MY appartment."
"You don't have to be so defensive!It's just that it feels filthy in here.."
"If you dont't like it then do something about it!Clean the fucking house cause that's your job woman!"
"What the fuck,John!We should do this together!And you should help me too cause it's YOUR home..Our home.."
"Oh,stop being such a dramatic little bitch and go do the laundry or something"
"I'm not your slave John!And don't call me a bitch you fucked up loser!"
"How did you call me?"
"HOW DID YOU CALL ME?"he started shouting."HOW DARE YOU?"
"Calm down..Please.."
"I'M NOT GONNA CALM DOWN!I'LL SHOW YOU SOMETHING!"he said rasing a a fist at her.
"NO!Please! Johnny baby. You don't have to do this.Don't hit me!You know I love you!"

It didn't matter anyways.He still hit her.With all the force within him.He punched, and hit, and slapped, and threw whatever he touched in her until he deformed her body and face.Someone like Jamie was hopeless in front of a guy like him.Laying on the floor in a fetal position,in an obscure corner,was Jamie.Her skin was covered in multiple open wounds from which crimson blood was dripping.She literally couldn't feel her legs anymore.John was sitting on the couch watching T.V as if nothing happened.That's the price Jamie had paid for sharing her love so blindly with that kind of man.


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