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sâmbătă, 7 mai 2011

Rory and Johnny-Boy

John was an alpha dog. He was smart, good-looking and strong. The girls were obsessed with him.
Competition was a big word to describe the relationship between Rory and John, because John was a hero and Rory was a zero.
It was hard for Rory to watch powerless how his secret love has a crush with a guy like John. Jealousy. That is the perfect word to describe Rory’s feelings.
Feeling like crap every day, being such a pain in the ass for all the students. Not mentioning his strange love for Star Wars and comic books. Life can be such a bloody bitch with a poor nerd.
He can be called a weirdo but it was something strange about Johnny. He was too perfect, too strange. Too fake. That macho style and his devious smirk.
Easy to speculate but hard to do something about it. Rory didn't want to have his all bones broken by a huge gorilla like John.

Rory's first encounter with Johnny-Boy was the equivalent of a biological disaster.Despite the fact that Rory tried all night to seem delighted by Jamie's new lover(more like master in a BDSM game),John was vicious.He is just as all the pretty faces out there.One smokin' body and half a brain.

It started from a stupid reason. The Prom Night.
Back in the day, Jamie and Rory used to do everything together. Rory invited Jamie to the Ball but he didn’t know that Johnny was a jealous son of a bitch.
After school, Rory was going home when Johnny came out from a dark alley.

“You have the guts to ask her out and you can’t win a bloody football game?”
“What’s the problem Johnny?”
“I will tell ya what the problem, punk. Jamie is my property. Mine and mine alone. If you want to talk to her, you must talk with me first.”
“That’s bullshit, John. Jamie is my best friend since we were 8. She’s a human being not a trophy.”
“I’m gonna beat the shit out of you, git.”

And that was the legendary fight. Well, it was not literally a fight because John nearly killed Rory, breaking up his legs, punching him in the nose and spitting on him.
If Johnny wants something, then Johnny gets what he wants.
Of course Rory said nothing to Jamie about what happened.He wanted her to be happy,even though happiness meant sticking with an abusive loser.Reality was way bitter that he thought,eh.

Vibeke and Kite

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  1. Wow, stilul de scris vi se schimba foarte radical.
    Foarte,foarte interesant ce ati scris aici, mai ales ca ati dezvoltat o problema activa la ora asta in toata lumea.


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