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vineri, 6 mai 2011

To school and back..Then away

"Rory..."said Jamie with a calm voice.
"Mhmmm?Yeah,that's me!"the boy exclaimed.
"Do you remember how we first met?"
"Jamie,that was ages ago..But I still remember it.How could I ever forget how you saved my arse from Boone?"
"You would have been erased from the surface of the world if I hadn't stopped him at the exact time."
"And you know I'm very thankful for that.I mean,I would have been happy if you only told me hi.But you are my best friend.No one like me can ask for more."
"When you say (someone like me) it gives me the impression that you are a creep."
"I'm not a creep?"
"No!Don't you ever say that again!You are amazing.And I love you.We are friends in our special way."
And she hugged him.His heart started racing.He never felt this way for anyone.Well,he actually didn't have a chance to,since he was everybody's fool.
"Rory,I wanna tell you something."
"So...Go ahead then."
"I met a guy 2 weeks ago.And we really like each other."
"That's amazing!I'm so happy for you!"said Rory,forcing a fake smile upon his face.
"And I want you to meet him.His name is John and he is 20."
"Then I'm looking forward to meeting this guy."
Lot's of things were going on in his mind."I really don't wanna meet this guy.I'm just trying to convince her that I like him,just to make her happy.The truth is that I'm gonna be a virgin forever."


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