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vineri, 6 mai 2011

My Vendetta against the one who planned this

"For now I'll just pretend I'm oblivious. Play dumb until you grow the balls to do something about it."

John is a bitch. And a jerk too. Worst, he is being a bitch and a jerk with one of my best friends. Actually, she is my only friend.
I don't want you to touch her or even speak to her anymore. I don't want you to hurt her.
You are a fucking beast, John. Beating her up every single day because you are a freak. A bully.
You are such a bully. I am pathetic,weak and I don't have the power to stop you.
I can see you beating her up. You are a bloody git, John.
Why don't you just get away from her?You are taking everything she has,slowly draining her.You smile every time she cries.
I think about you everyday,but not in a good way. I want to hurt you. Not emotional but physical.
May I have my revenge, John?Drugs kill, people kill, love kills, guns kills.
And I can kill too,Johnny-boy.

Daria, banuiesc ca ti-ai dat seama deja. Asta e inceputul prozei.
Te las pe tine sa incepi munca la personajul principal. Actul urmator vorbeste despre viata lui, legaturile formate cu Jamie si intalnirea cu John.

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