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duminică, 8 mai 2011

I've been there,seen that.

Rory was a loser and a love wreck. But he could easily feel that it was something very wrong with Jamie.
It’s like an extra-feeling. To know that everything is wrong with your best friend, to feel his/ her pain. It was natural for an understanding guy like Rory.
That Sunday was a clash for Rory. Jamie was upset, devastated. Her wounds finally healed but her soul was still in pain.
“What’s the matter, Jamie?”
“Nothing, Rory”
“You know, when you said that nothing’s wrong with that look in your eyes I can easily tell that everything is fucked up.”
“Oh, it’s that so?”
“Yeah. I’m the paranormal weirdo kind.”
“Well, your spider sense is not tingling right this time.”
The old comic books replies. How can she be so calm? Well, she said that nothing was wrong but when your special feeling is telling you something, you must follow your heart, not your best friend’s lies.
“What about you and John?”
“Woah, easy. I didn’t mean to bother you.”
“Then shut the hell up.”
“You know, I saw something strange about you these days.”
“I’ve been watching how you behave in your relationship. Not much like a lover. More like a slave.”
“How can you possibly tell that? You don’t know anything about love or relationships. I don’t know Rory but sometimes I have the feeling that you might be a…”
“A what?”
“A queer”
“That’s not true and you so know it.”
“Oh, and now you’re telling me what I know or not?”
“Actually, I can tell you something that you know so better but you refuse to admit it.”
“Yeah, right. What?”
“John is a fucking stupid asshole and you are a pussy”
“I’m the pussy here? You act like a bloody coward every single day.”
“At least I would have the guts to tell that bully to shut the hell up.”


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