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sâmbătă, 18 iunie 2011

Talk about yourself 1-Kite

1. I’m a dreamer. I believe in magic.
2. Literature and sci-fi are my world. I do believe in a free spirit and I’m interested in an artist’s work.
I don’t think that it’s an absurdity to dream with your eyes wide open. I could never understand such a logical thing as math.
3. I have a strong relationship with my family because I’m a loner and I get attached to relatives.
4. Violence is a foolish way to solve your problems.
5. I often think about my past and about my life. I also think that one day I’m going to be a hero for a loser like me.
6. Sometimes I talk to myself in the mirror and I say: You will never be cool. But that’s just fine”
7.I’m an ignorant person because I’m too lazy to bother.
8.My life is a strange thing.Sometimes it's bad,sometimes it's good. But it has never been perfect for me.
9.My teachers think that I am a loser. My math teacher thinks that.
10.My mum said that I could be famous if I use my mind more often. I said that my mind doesn’t give a fuck.
11.I have a strange sense of humor.
12.I’m too cocky to accept a person better than me in my life.
13. I have the talent to write things but I don’t have the guts to finish them.
14.”Take a sad song and make it better”-Paul McCartney in “Hey Jude”.
If it could be that easy, Paulie.But for you,it is. You're special.
15. I live as free as I can and I dream as much as I want to.
16. Do I really care about myself? I don’t know. I’m too lazy to understand such a helter skeltered mind.
17. It’s not foolish or childish to believe in magic. It’s a waste of time to believe that everything is gray and faded.
18. “Even in my most jaded times,I had hope.”-Gerard Way.
Me too, screw realism.
19. I imagine myself living in a yellow submarine. So what?
20. Keep calm and carry on.

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