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sâmbătă, 18 iunie 2011

Talk about yourself 2 - Vibeke

1.I'm agnostic.I believe that the existance of a deity can never be known.

2.Maths is my salvation at times.I'd rather calcute pointless and emotionless numbers than comment the poems of an irrelevant and obscure artist.I could never understand what he/she meant in his/her lyrics.

3.Family reasons of celebrations,such as the birth of a new member,are unimportant to me since I only care about myself.

4.Cruelty is a sin.MY cruelty is a virtue.

5.Intentions never count.That applies to the intentions of cheating too.

6.Vengeance is never free.Now you are going to tell me: "You stole that from a Limp Bizkit song,loser." "No.I stole that from a The Who song,ignorant person."

7.I walk beside a stranger named "My life up until I'm 30".

8.Murder should be considered like doing someone a favour.I don't wanna do someone a favour,cause no one deserves THIS particular favour.

9.Ignorance and indifference took me just where I wanted to be.They could never hurt me.They are my friends.

10.Life is the muse of destruction.

11.My teachers think I'm cocky.I think I'm too selfish the share the same punishment with others.

12.Rainy days are good.Sunny days are bad.

13.I only like socializing with myself,even though it will only lead to more boredom in my life.

14.Sometimes,it hurts to be very intelligent.The others abuse your intelligence without your consent.After that,you will feel like you are stupid.

15.My mother told me that I care about nothing.Yes mom,you know you're right.

16. A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.

John Lennon

Dear John Lennon,

The dream we dream together spoils the dream we dream alone.

17. Person: "I've spent my time talking to you for today." Object: "Felt like it was forever."

18.I failed to impress you.I failed to butter you up.I failed for good,not for bad.

19.I live in the freedom of fears.Every fear.

20.Do I indulge?Love?Respect?..No...I disappoint.Hate.Dispise.

9 comentarii:

  1. Este o diferenta foarte mare.
    Adica,din celelalte postari se observa vag faptul ca sunteti atat de diferite.

  2. da mircea te-am cam plagiat putin...scuze =))))

  3. @Maria
    da,suntem foarte diferite....aproape ca nu avem nimic in comun in afara de faptul de plac aceleasi filme,aceeasi muzica si uram aceleasi persoane :)

  4. Defapt, multumesc lui Dumnezeu, nu m-ai copiat deloc. Ca sa iti demonstrez:
    1.Asta e o prostie. Nu-s agnostic.
    2.Asta e o prostie si mai mare. Eu scriu poezii despre cai.
    3.Nasol pentru tine.
    4.Ce cacat?
    5.Ce cacat?
    6.Ce cacat?
    8.Ce cacat?
    9.Din nou, nasol pentru tine.
    10.Ce cacat?
    11.ce cacat?
    12.Nu comentez, fiecare cu cacaturile lui. Si mie imi place sa fut in anumite pozitii care voua vi s-ar1 parea ciudate. Nu comentez.
    13.Ce cacat?
    14.Ceva de genu "Fut bine dar nu-mi place asta"
    15.Ce cacat?
    16.Am citit asta de prea multe ori ca sa mai comentez ceva.
    17.Ce cacat?
    18.Ce cacat?
    19.Ce cacat?
    20.Iar nasol.

  5. @supervirgula
    Ti-ai terminat ma cartea?=))

  6. Da, la 7, nu degeaba, numar sfant. Mersi, Daria, daca asa te cheama.


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